Is IPS Monitor Good For Eyes? Detailed Guide

Thinking of getting an IPS panel for enhancing your eye-focus and experience? Is IPS monitor good for eyes or not? You might be worried about the people complaining about the increase of headache and fatigue after changing their monitor. But believe me, it’s nothing to do with an IPS.

The eye care slightly depends on the type of panel you use in color accuracy and viewing angles. There are certainly other factors to be considered like glare, resolution, or display flicker. So, let’s get into it.

Is IPS Monitor Good For Eyes Care?

is IPS Monitor Good For Eyes Care

The IPS does not cause any harm to your eyes and is best in terms of performance. Here are some perks which you can enjoy:

1. Color Accuracy

An IPS panel provides the best color accuracy, which will diminish the hassle of flickering. Also, the contrast ratio is efficient for display quality. Hence, it will help to reduce the pressure on the eyes and preventing eye fatigue.

2. Better Viewing Angles

No matter from which angle you look at the screen, the view will remain the same. This perk of best viewing angles helps a lot in preventing eye strain, ensuring the best health.

3. Best Experience

An IPS panel is great for making intricate designs leading to the best experience. The best viewing and focusing ability will serve best for your eyes.

Hence, that were some perks that make an IPS monitor good for the eyes.

What do You need To Consider for Eyes Health?

looking at the monitors

Apart from the type of panel that either’s an IPS or TN, you also need to consider the following factors for your eye care.

  1. Display Flicker – Changing brightness can be harmful and cause strain for your eyes.
  2. Blue Light – Long term exposure may cause myopia and other eye issues.
  3. Glossy Screen And Glare – Light can reflect back, straining your eyes.
  4. Screen Resolution – Too high or too low can cause harm. Be at an optimum level.
  5. Non-Ergonomic Monitors – Eye focusing ability can be affected when you cannot adjust the screen.

So, be vigilant in case of these factors for your eye care.

What About IPS Glow?

An IPS panel used by low-quality monitor brands may cause backlighting or start producing a glow, which can be a little daunting. It’s sometimes normal and acceptable, but a worse case can affect your eyes.

You can perform the following tasks if it exceeds:

  1. You can enhance the ambient light, which will lead to an improved contrast ratio.
  2. You can adjust the monitor height. Also, make sure that you’re sitting at an appropriate distance to overcome this glow.
  3. You can adjust the brightness of the monitor. Lower it a bit to resolve it.
  4. You can clean the panel with a piece of cloth or alter the flame panel construction.

Final Verdict

So, I hope that you’ve reached your decision that is IPS monitor good for eyes or not. They’re fine and best-considered panels for eye care. But remember that they shouldn’t be the ultimate checkpoint before buying a monitor.

Be vigilant according to the way I mentioned and make the best choice.