Are Curved Monitors Good For Gaming? Complete Guide

Thinking of shifting towards the curved monitor but worried about its immersion? You might be thinking that it’s just a marketing hype created by users. Or are curved monitors good for gaming? Well, from the perspective of immersion and quality, the curved displays are worth it.

But you need to be vigilant while choosing them. For instance, must check the diagonal, the aspect ratio from both horizontal and vertical resolution, and curve radius. Also, you need to determine your sitting distance while playing.

So, let’s discuss the output performance of curved monitors in detail concerning gaming.

Perks Over The Flat Screen Monitor

curved monitors for gaming

Curved monitors are far much better than flat-screen displays in terms of performance. They provide a bit high user experience without affecting the eyes. Some other perks of curved displays for gaming include:

High Picture Quality

  • The picture quality will be high because your eyes will be capable of proper focusing.
  • Whether you use an OLED or IPS technologies in flat monitors, you have to sit in front of it, keeping the screen at a 90-degree angle.
  • But in the larger flat screen, it will be difficult for eyes to focus on the corner. Thus the edges won’t seem fair spoiling your gaming experience.
  • But in curved monitors, the angle of all screen dimensions remains the same towards the eyes. Hence, it will help in more focus.
  • Additionally, It’ll provide comfort and prevents eye strain.


  • Immersion is the feature that you might be crazy about! Well, curved displays are great because of the 3D kind of view like a cinema.
  • It adds more life to your games because the screen will seem more significant than its original dimensions.
  • The reason is a broad view is covered because of curvature that in return forms a largeness.

Are Curved Monitors Good For Gaming?

gaming on curved monitor

The quick answer to your query is YES! They’ll prove quite useful if you take into account the following factors:

1. Your Distance From The Screen

Sitting closer to the screen will provide better viewing angles as compared to the far. The reason is that the viewing angles between your eyes and screen will fluctuate. Also, it’ll be a bit hard to focus on.

2. Size of Your Monitor

The large size of the monitor will have a right curvature providing feasibility to the eyes. The curve will be a bit sharper that will enhance your experience while gaming. Also, it will be great to adjust the focus and assist performance.

3. Angle Of Curve

The angle of the curve plays a vital role in improving or diminishing the viewing perspective. The general rule of thumb is, the aggressive the curve, the lower the experience! So, be sure to choose the right product with better viewing angles.

So, you might have inferred that the choice should be made appropriately. Otherwise, they may become worse. You can also check our list of best curved monitors under 300 to ease down your selection process.

The Downside Of Curved Monitor Screen

Curved Monitor Screen

The curved displays do have some cons, but they usually are outweighed by their benefits. The prominent ones are as follows.

  1. They are usually a bit more expensive than flat-screen displays.
  2. They can be useless if you don’t consider your monitor’s size and your curve’s angle. So, try to choose the best and recommended products from notable brands.
  3. It may take a week to get used to a curved screen.

Are They Worth It?

So, the final statement about are curved monitors good for gaming is YES. They are totally worth their price if chosen wisely. You need to take care of the viewing angles and screen size to be a safe size. Be vigilant, and you’ll be good to go!