7 Best Adult Gifts for Boyfriends and Girlfriends – In 2024

Giving gifts to your significant other is not always easy especially when you want to do something more special than usual. Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend means caring for them and loving them at least as much as they care about and love you. In terms of gift-giving, there is a whole range of things you can give or receive that would not be possible with other people like friends and family members. Boyfriend and girlfriend gifts tend to be the most important a person can get and give because of what the person means to you and what your life would be without them.

When we are talking about special things you can give your partner for a special occasion though, we must also mention those that fall under the bedroom category. Adult gifts have enjoyed a sort of renaissance and increase in popularity in recent years as sex toys and other things used mainly during intimate times have become more widely adopted and readily available. In the article here we will talk about the best adult gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you wish to learn more about these and browse through an extensive catalog of items, make sure to check out Lovify.

1. Lingerie

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Among the most effective and widely popular gifts that boyfriends give their girlfriends that fall under the category of adult-related gifts is lingerie. There are simply too many choices here that we could fill out the whole article with sexy underwear. From thong and bra sets that are barely there to stockings and garter belts, there is practically a limitless amount of combinations you can go with. If your girlfriend enjoys wearing lingerie she will love it no matter how tiny, kinky, or unusual it is. There are plenty of combinations you can choose and sets and individual pieces are equally amazing. Anything that has laced or see-through materials goes, and the more delicate and high-quality the more comfortable it will be. Regarding the colors, black, white, red, and nude varieties are the most popular but numerous other options are available. Make sure to use your imagination and picture what your girlfriend will look like in it. We promise you that it will be a fun experience.

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You will find different types of curvy underwear for everyone in different colors and made from different materials. Furthermore, the price and quality ratio is one of the best in the market, so we recommend you check it out.

2. Adult Toys

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Adult sex toys are more popular than ever. Although they have been around for many decades, it is only now that they are not being looked at as a taboo or a sensitive topic in any way. People are more relaxed and free nowadays which reflects itself in how much they talk and enjoy their sexual pleasures and desires. For this reason, and others, you can now buy all sorts of sex toys booth for him and her. Women were targeted more in the past but right now it is men who are more interested and drawn to the toys. Vibrators, both electric and basic, are the best choice for your girlfriend. On the other hand, fleshlights and dolls are the best options for boyfriends. Not every couple is willing to do this in fear of growing more distant with the sex life in the relationship. However, the toys can be used during your intimate time together as well as when you are alone. What are more, toys specifically made for couples to use together and on each other exist so feel free to browse for those as well.

3. Accessories and Games

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If you need something new and fresh in your bedroom or if the regular kinky stuff, role-playing, or activities have become boring or repetitive, you should think about gifting your beloved with some kind of game or accessory. These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types but one thing is in common for all of them. They are to be used during the bedroom fun times. For example, you can try fuzzy handcuffs, whips, or spanking paddle tools. These are small and easy enough to use but they will stimulate and get you in all sorts of new moods. Furthermore, you can get something more fun and on the humorous side like a sex bell, dice with different positions and places to do it, and so on and so forth. Adult truth or dare games, bondage games, or chain and leather pieces like jewelry are all more than enough to spice things up in new and unpredictable ways. And the best thing about them? They are practically unisex gifts because no matter who receives them you will be using and enjoying them together.

4. Sexy Couples Photoshoot

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Both a professional set with a photographer or a private affair you will organize on your own, having your own sexy photoshoot after which you will enjoy the rest of the night will certainly be an unforgettable experience. Best of all, you will have photos (and videos?) of it to remember and use in fun ways later!

5. Edible Paint

Although it can get messy, it will be as hot as lava and you are guaranteed to love it. Spend a night together while painting each other in edible paint which you will then remove in all sorts of fun ways. Be creative and imaginative!

6. Intimate Massage Set

Is there anything better and more relaxing than a sensual massage given to you by your lover? You can give them the massage with a special intimate massage set or have them do it for you. Again, the perfect gift goes both ways since it is practiced both for the giver and the receiver. The more oil the better, and the stronger the scented aroma candle the more memorable it will be.

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7. Cosplaying and Costumes

Chances are either of you have some fictional (or real?) characters and celebrities like heroes and villains from anime, TV shows, movies, or video games. People are often drawn to their favorite characters and find them attractive, or at least their costumes and styles. If you are like this, and we know you are, and have somebody special in mind, find a costume and give it as a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend. One of your fantasies will finally come to life once your partner slips into the costume of your favorite heroine or hero and sparks will fly all over the room!