Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work?

In recent times, the concept of curved monitors being used professionally other than gamers, graphic designers and photographers is getting widely accepted as compared to when these monitors first came out. This is due to the fact that the curved screens have survived the test of time and many people find them even more useful than flat monitors. If you are looking to buy a new monitor for yourself, it is a sure thing to question: Is curved monitor good for office work?

To answer that, we have to dive deeper into some of the basics;

What type of work do you do on your office computer?

Curved Monitor in office

While looking for a new monitor for your office, the most crucial element in making this decision is the nature of the work itself which you do on your computer in the office. Generally speaking, most of the office work revolves around some similar tasks which may include:

  • Microsoft office
  • Microsoft excel
  • Various web browsers (reading, researching, watching videos)
  • Any type of editing or managing software
  • Apps like: Mail, calendar, calculator, Drive, Hangouts
  • Multitasking with several windows open at the same time.
  • And many similar ones

And surprisingly enough, the curved monitors have been proved to be very efficient for these tasks especially for multitasking and editing softwares as they require wider screens.

The size of the screen

Curved monitors are known due to their extra-wide and curved screens which provide a better visual field. Our suggestion would be to at least opt for a minimum 24 inch curved monitor. But this obviously depends on the available space you have on your desk or in your office. If you have a smaller space, the curved monitor will not be a good option as the sole purpose of the curved monitor is to provide you a wide, immersing screen and a small curved screen cannot do that. Also, if you want to mount your monitor to a wall, a curved monitor will not be a good option for you.

The PROS and CONS: (Is a curved monitor really good for office work?)

Is Curved Monitor Good for Office Work? 1

Pros of a curved monitor

  1. Wide field of vision: With a curved screen, you get an ultra-wide visual field due to its big curvature. It gives you the effect of being immersed in the screen when you sit in front and center of. This can be a very handy benefit especially when you are doing some editing work and also while gaming action and racing games for a wider experience.
  1. Depth without 3 Dimensional tech: The 3D technology can be great and can deliver a real life experience. But there is a disadvantage to that. If we continue to see a 3D screen for an extended period of time, it can give a headache and eye strain. With a curved screen, you get to have a real life depth experience while viewing in 2D without giving you a headache after constant use in the office.
  1. Lesser reflections: Due to the curved nature of the monitor, you have very minimal reflections even in very harsh lighting conditions in your office. This is due to the fact that curved monitors help reduce overall glare.

Cons of a curved monitor

  1. Price: The only big disadvantage while purchasing a curved screen is its price factor. Curved monitors can be quite expensive and if you are looking to buy a bulk amount of curved monitors for office use, it can affect your budget largely.
  1. Sitting position while working: There is a specific position in which you have to sit in front of a curved monitor to truly experience its benefits. You should be in the center of the curvature of your curved monitor otherwise the display will look distorted to you due to the weird angles.


We hope that this informative article has helped in a better understanding of the usage of curved monitors in office work. If you are looking to buy a curved monitor, check out our recommendations for curved monitors.