5 Best Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers 2024 – Buying Guide

Dogs are one of those pets that like to play with their owners and be active most of their days. They are also one of those pets that like to chew on things they aren’t supposed to, which brings great frustration to the owner. That’s why having a dog as a pet requires skills, determination, and a lot of nerve. Of course, not all species are as demanding as some, but during the puppy period, they are more or less equally demanding. In a way, it’s like having a child all over again.

Some dogs keep this chewing habit when even when they grow up, which gives them the label “aggressive chewer”. For this reason, people have developed special toys to get them out of chewing things they’re not supposed to be chewing, and keep the problem under control. Below is a list of the best toys, for aggressive chewers.

1. Rubber balls

5 Best Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers 2024 - Buying Guide 1
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Balls are a great toy choice for any dog. But for an aggressive chewer, it needs to have some special features, such as being made of indestructible rubber, as it’s going to be chewed nonstop. Other additional features are the ability to bounce, fly in the air, and float. A ball like this will surely keep your furry friend entertained for a while. Choosing the one with rubber spikes on it, is also a good idea, especially if the teeth are supposed to grow out at any time.

2. Treat toys

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Toys that can be filled with treats are by far the best choice since they have the potential to be their favorite. You can fill it with whichever treat they like best and give it away for a chewing marathon.

3. Boomerang

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Some versions of this toy are assessed as the toughest on the market, even though they are made of fabric. As you will read later in the article, fabric toys are not always recommendable, but if they are made like this one, they are perfectly safe for chewing. It’s also one of the best toys for interactive play.

4. Frisbee

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Frisbee may not be on the list of your preferred toys, but those that are made of rubber will provide a perfectly safe play. Of course, find the one with quality rubber, able to fly decently.

5. Chewing rings

5 Best Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers 2024 - Buying Guide 5
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Looks about the same as a donut, only it’s made of impossible to destroy rubber material.

What is important to pay attention to when choosing a toy for this purpose is the material. As you can see from our list, rubber is the best, but a decently stitched fabric can also do the trick. You can find here a decent offer of such dog toys.

Why do dogs like to chew?

All dogs explore the world with their mouths, especially while they are puppies. There are many reasons why they do this but the only thing we can do is wean them off this bad habit and be careful not to take something that would harm their health. Tooth growth, discomfort, monotony, and insufficient movement are favorable factors. However, chewing can also be directed at inappropriate objects such as furniture, pillows and shoes, and any object in nature (wood, stone, etc.). It is up to you to teach the dog what he can and cannot chew.


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One way is to offer him a large selection of toys. When choosing toys for your dog, you must always take into account what is safe for him. Chewing toys should always be the right size for the size of the dog. Strings, buttons, or fabrics in pieces should be removed from the list of toys. There are also some toys that should be given exclusively under your supervision.

E.g. string toys and stuffed toys. If swallowed, they may cause suffocation or intestinal obstruction. All toys that whistle must be strictly supervised because most dogs tend to destroy the whistle from a toy that they can swallow afterward. It’s good to change toys; if it stops playing with one, remove it. Offer it to him again in a few weeks. Have a variety of toys available for your dog.

It is also important to notice the moment when he bends over the spotted unwanted object while walking and pull it off abruptly while saying “NO!”, or “LET GO!”. And as soon as it drops the object, reward him with his favorite treat and a cheerful tone of voice. Then, divert your puppy’s attention from the subject and start playing.

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Teach him the games of “hunt” and “fetch” (e.g. a stick or a toy), which will keep his mouth shut for employees. If you work with him every time you are out for a short period of time the puppy will improve his behavior. Keeping him outside in constant motion and encouraging him to follow you will drive away his thoughts of unwanted objects. You can also limit it by putting on a muzzle.

The dog should be provided with physical, mental, and social activity, especially before you leave him alone. Feed him before leaving, leave him an interesting toy for dogs to play with, and without leaving him completely alone, leave the radio or TV on. Dogs love to chew, so even in the case of your dog, a toy is the best choice. In addition, with the help of toys, a dog can exercise his mind and senses. Some chew toys are hollow inside and can be filled with delicious treats.

Getting food out of them is a challenge that will keep the dog occupied for a long time. Some toys are made so that the dog pushes them on the floor with his nose and while the toy is rolling, pieces of food fall out of it. The dog will be very happy to accept toys that squeak, then balls or soft imitations of smaller animals.