7 Best Camping Equipment to Bring on Your First Bicycle Trip

Combining your two passions – camping and biking can be a great experience where you can go on an adventure, make new memories, and start a whole new chapter of your life. Millions of people all over the world enjoy camping, and if you want to take things one step further, then you should explore the possibility to go with your bicycle.

There are many benefits that come from this, and the biggest one is that you can cover a much larger area, you won’t get as tired as you would if you chose to just hike or walk, and you can get your exercise. If you are exploring this option, then you should know that the first thing you need to do is make sure that you are safe and well prepared. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best camping equipment that you should bring on your first bicycle trip.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about these things, why you need to carry them with you, and how they are going to make your trip much better.

1. Hydration bottle

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The first thing that you have to pack in your bag is a water bottle. Note that if you are planning for this to be a longer trip, you need to have more than just one. On the same note, you should know that in today’s market you can find many amazing bottles that come with a filtration system, so you don’t have to carry heavy bottles that are just going to slow you down. You can use the filters to drink any type of water that you find, without risking your health.

2. Sleeping essentials

7 Best Camping Equipment to Bring on Your First Bicycle Trip 2
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No camping trip would be perfect if you don’t stay at least one night, but in order to stay safe, you need to carry the needed essentials for an overnight stay. You should carry your tent with you, and you can also get a hammock to make the experience even better. Get stakes so you can properly place the tent, and you can also get a fabric that you will put on the ground.

In addition to this, you need to bring your sleeping bag with you, along with the pad, and if you want to get extra comfortable you can pack your favorite pillow.

3. Bike and bike gear

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For this trip to be as amazing as it could be, you first need to pick a great bicycle that will be up for the challenge no matter the conditions or the terrain. According to Oifc, you have a lot of different choices when it comes to the best bicycles on the market, and you can pick one depending on your budget, personal preferences, and the exact make and model. Note that if you want something professional, you may need to reach deeper into your pocket.

When it comes to gear, don’t forget about the helmet, gloves, and packs that include the seat, frame, and handlebar. In addition to this, you much have a head and taillight, along with your locks and rain covers.

4. Navigation equipment

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This is something that not many people think about, but no matter how familiar you are with the terrain, you have to have your navigation gear with you. This could contain traditional maps, a compass, or any other type of device that uses GPS to show you the way. When choosing the best things for you, make sure you pick a device that holds the battery for a long time, and don’t forget to get an additional external charger that you can use when you are in need. Pick the right gadgets depending on your budget, their functions, and the brand.

5. Repair tools

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There are a lot of tools that you may need for your bicycle, and no matter how reliable your bike is, you need to be prepared for pretty much anything. When we go camping, we cannot be sure of the terrain and the obstacles we are going to have, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the fun just because something happened.

Note that some of the most important tools that you want to bring with you include spare spokes along with the right wrench, zip ties, duct tape, patch kit, cycling multi-tool, and brake cables. You can talk to the seller about other things that you may need to get and don’t forget how to learn the basics of bicycle repairing.

6. Spare gear

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Now let’s talk about the spare gear that you should bring with you for your trip. Note that the spare tire is the first thing that you should always carry with you. Remember that this small thing can make the biggest difference, so don’t ever leave for a camping trip without it. A spare chain is another thing that you should bring with you, along with some additional tubes. As we mentioned, spokes are another important item, and you should get disk or brake pads along with a pump that can help you out in case your tire gets deflated.

7. First aid

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The last crucial thing that you should not forget about is your first aid kit. No matter where you are going, what you want to be doing, or how long you are staying, you need to carry your kit with you. Note that in this bag you can pack as many or as few things as you want, but there are some crucial items that you should never forget about. Pain relief pills, along with bandages and blister pads are a must.

These are some of the things that you need to carry with you for your first camping bicycle trip. Don’t forget about the hygiene items and proper clothing, and note that no matter how warm it is, or how good the weather is, you must pack something warmer. Follow the weather forecast, but don’t fully rely on it. The best thing you can do is have this adventure with someone who is more experienced, and try not to rush into the unknown. Do everything you can to keep yourself safe, don’t pack too many things that you cannot carry, and remember to have fun.