Is Vertical Monitor Better For Programming?

Thinking of flipping your monitor to a vertical direction to increase the viewing area? A great idea to enhance your productivity! But you might be stuck that is vertical monitor better for programming, or it’s just hype?

Well, to be honest, it depends on the programming activities you’re performing. Also, you need to be vigilant about the viewing angles. So, let’s get into it.

Is Vertical Monitor Better For Programming? Perks VS Downsides

Programming on Vertical Monitor

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a vertical monitor for coding or programming.


  1. The general idea is that code tends to develop in length rather than in width. Having a vertical monitor should give you more room to see the code. Hence, there will be more efficiency per pixel.
  2. But it also depends on the codebase. For example, in the case of using a format, the line’s length is limited. Then a vertical monitor will be convenient. The reason is that you won’t need to scroll vertically.
  3. You can check more lines in a single glance, enhancing your work efficiency.
  4. Also, the eye-movement will be convenient, leading to more accurate coding.


The vertical monitor can be inconvenient in some cases, as mentioned below:

  1. For instance, in case you are not limiting the line widths of the programming project. Then using a vertical monitor will be inconvenient.
  2. The reason is that you will have to scroll horizontally. It is not feasible as compared to vertical scrolling.
  3. So, it depends on the type of project you’re carrying out.
  4. If you’re used to the regular horizontal orientation, then don’t use the vertical one. The reason is that your workflow may disturb.

Viewing Angles And Use Of Vertical Monitor

  • There is a chance of change in color while shifting eye movements in some monitors.
  • You may observe different colors while checking up to down or left to right. Primarily it is because of low viewing angles.
  • For preventing this hassle, you can choose a specific type of monitor, as mentioned below.

Appropriate Type Of Monitor For Vertical Shifting

portrait monitor for coding

An IPS monitor is best if you want to interchange horizontal and vertical orientations. Also, it won’t put a strain on your eye.

  • They provide superior color accuracy and viewing angles, excellent for programmers.
  • Overall, these monitors enhance your working experience.

Don’t use TN panels as they offer bad color accuracy and terrible viewing angles on vertical flipping. Also, be vigilant in the VA’s case, as they’re somewhere between the TN and IPS monitors.

Final Verdict

Hence, after the complete discussion, I don’t prefer to monitor the vertical orientation every time.

  • Instead, you can try the best IPS monitor with a stand. So you can shift between the orientations depending on the codebase.
  • If you’re thinking of buying a new one, make sure that it’s VESA compatible.
  • It will ease down your turning process while dealing with complex codes.

So, I hope that you’ve overcome the ambiguity of is vertical monitor better for programming or not. Just hit us a dm if there is still any hassle left. Get an excellent compatible IPS monitor. Then modify it to the orientation you love and enhance your productivity during programming.