8 Best Platforms for Learning the Python Language

Are you a computer person yourself? Do you love to learn new skills, and you’re especially focused on the programming side of it? Did you know that one of the best and most universal programming languages is Python? This concept has been around since 1980, and it is popular & irreplaceable still to this day. Keep on reading and understand some basics, as well as what are the best platforms when it comes to learning this language.

What is Python?

Python was designed to be highly extensible. Python is a strongly typed language that uses different protocols, such as IMAP and FTP. It is unique since it uses its approach for languages while being totally different from Java. You will enjoy it since it is an open-source language + it is not too hard to master or use, as long as you have a passion for coding or programming.

Top 8 online platforms to learn Python

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E-learning system is quite popular at the moment, and due to COVID, most people had to make this switch to online platforms. If you are ready for a new challenge and you’re trying to master this skill, here are the top eight platforms and eight different ways to do it.

1. FineGrades

If you are all about the one-on-one approach you will love this platform. You will get to work with an expert and a tutor who knows how to communicate with newbies. With your new tutor, you can study at any given moment while also adjusting the schedule per your needs and your lifestyle. Use your tablet, phone, or your computer when learning new lessons. You can pay for as many sessions as you wish without committing to it for any period. See how it goes and how you feel about it, perfect for anyone wanting a test run! Give FineGrades a click and learn all there is about data structure, CGI, GUI, XML processing & many more!

2. BitDegree

BitDegree is an online platform that has different courses at your disposal. It uses blockchain technology and is all about current trends and it lets you stay updated on each topic. You will enjoy its interactive Python course + there are over 20 courses for you to take and choose from. You can choose your preferred level, and upgrade your knowledge no matter if you go for the intermediate or advanced level. BitDegree ended up taking it up a notch since it created levels, badges, as well as their virtual currency for easier purchasing and gamification.

8 Best Platforms for Learning the Python Language 2
Source: bitdegree.org

3. Udemy

This is a widely known platform that has a lot to offer. People prefer it since it has 15 major categories of different intense courses. You will enjoy the platform since it is so easy to navigate + it doesn’t require any previous knowledge. You will enjoy watching their practical & helpful tutorials, along with their footage that is anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes long. You will step up your knowledge as you do different quizzes and you score points. Enjoy both practical & theoretical parts of this class!

4. CodeCombat

If you are someone who is all about games and you love to study while also having fun – CodeCombat is for you. This is an online game that helps you learn a new programming language as you play it. You will move your character and guide him through the game only when using the right code. The program has loads of volunteer players who can make the game more fun & interactive. There are unexpected features & bugs, as well as different options to choose from while playing.

5. CodeMentor

This site is perfect for those who are struggling right at the beginning. You will get software help by sharing your screen with a verified staff. With this concept, the professor will instantly help you and answer all of your questions. For people who prefer live and in-person interactions, this is the second-best thing that you can go for! You can go for a live version or simply ask your mentor later on during the day since your questions are saved onto the platform.

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6. TutorialsPoint

Are you someone who loves to have your own space & proper learning pace? Want to have convenient and one-on-one interactions? Not everyone studies at the same speed or rate, which is why this site is more than helpful. It has been around since 2006, and nowadays they have a practical & helpful Python programming language. Some data even says that they have up to 40 million readers every month. If you need something quick & easy to use, as well as crisp – this is it.

7. Udacity

This site has had a lot of revamps, as well as ups and downs. There have been loads of people asking about its success since they have had over 160 thousand students from all over the world at one point. This site is all about practical work since they believe that theory can’t help cover each & every base in this case. This is why they offer Nanodegrees, which is a practical way of doing video footage with different industry experts, all catering to your knowledge level.

8. LinkedIn

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Last, but not least, you can also opt for LinkedIn when it comes to finding reliable help for Python. The site ended up being rebranded to Lynda.com from LinkedIn, where the entire focus is on different skills and business approaches. You can communicate and get in contact with loads of different industry experts, along with some developers from the company. It is an amazing go-to for IT specialists.

Which platform to choose?

Do you feel a bit more comfortable as well as confident about making your next big move? Are you ready to learn the Python language? Ideal for newbies as well as anyone who is passionate about programming! These eight sites will help you master each step, just make sure that you choose the one that suits your budget & preferred way & style of learning.