8 Best Laser Cutter Engraving Machines for DIY Projects

Laser cutter engraves are a must-have tool in any home if you have a hobby or workshop. They are best known for their flexibility because they are really easy to adapt to your needs. In addition to their fantastic features, there are a number of different models on the market. Today, you don’t need to think much about whether you will benefit from this tool because it is great. However, it will be harder to start the search. In that case, we can help you decide on the model that will suit you best.

If you connect these machines exclusively with large companies, don’t worry. The best laser doesn’t have to cost you that much. There are actually a lot more affordable options and that’s why the idea of DIY projects is feasible. All you need to do is take into account several key factors such as price, cutting speed, etc. Take a look at some of the most popular models on the market and you may find the exact and reliable machine you need.

1. Ten-High Upgraded Version CO2

We present to you a newer version of CO2 which they claim is one of the best at the moment. When you look at the characteristics of this machine, we are sure that you will understand why this is so. In the first place is her ability to cut which is fantastic. It successfully copes with acrylic, but also plywood. It also precisely cuts leather, glass, and fabrics. However, it will not work with metal.

Either way, it has a USB and a red light positioning system. This way you will be very precise in your work and careful with the material. It is easy to install and use. It has an efficient exhaust fan as well as accessories.

8 Best Laser Cutter Engraving Machines for DIY Projects 1
Source: amazon.com

2. Orion Motor Tech 100W CO2

This affordable model is an ideal choice for DIY projects and beyond. So, if you have a limited budget and a lot of work, this is the right model for you. It has a really large area, and the cutting system can support a lot more material than other machines. It is also compatible with other applications and has a USB. We must not forget about the excellent ventilation thanks to the air compressors and the aluminum pipe. It is compatible with all laser software programs, and the longer integrated door allows you to work with longer objects of irregular shape.

3. 130W Say W4 Co2 laser tube engraver and cutter

So, this is another engraver and cutter with a large surface. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you can work with a large number of materials. In doing so, you have the opportunity to perform very fast and precise moves. Compatibility is at a satisfactory level, and it supports many file formats.

4. TEN-HIGH CO2 40W 110V 300x400mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Although it is an extremely powerful machine, the list of materials it works with is not long. In that case, it is best to check with the manufacturer if your material is on that list. Believe us, it is worth it, because it has some fantastic characteristics. In the first place is her impressive work area. It is ideal for sheet work and mate opportunities to maximize your creativity. It is very easy to work with because the system you need to learn is not as difficult as with other machines.

It also has a USB connector which is great news because you won’t have to buy a cable or adapter. We believe that you will not have a compatibility problem and all you need to do is follow the instructions.

5. Orion Motor Tech 12x 8 Upgraded 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

If you opt for this machine, you can enjoy a large workspace, but also other possibilities. However, it is not suitable for metals. So, it may not be intended for metal engraving, but it works very well with leather, wood, paper, etc. Another important feature that this machine has is water break protection. This way you will be sure to keep things under control. You will achieve this by detecting drops in cooling pressure in time. Once this happens, the machine will shut down and go into the standby state.

8 Best Laser Cutter Engraving Machines for DIY Projects 2
Source: amazon.ca

6. ELECNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal

This is a machine that will serve those who want to deal with more serious DIY projects. So, if you want professional engraving and cutting then this is the machine for you. With it, you get a great workspace, skillful tools, and an accurate system. The cutting speed is amazing, which makes it very useful for those who want to cash in their engraving. While this is a slightly more powerful machine just for DIY, think carefully about your needs.

For example, you might make a hasty decision and buy a machine with less capacity. After that, there is a possibility that you will realize that you need some spare parts. In the end, you would pay more and get poorer quality. So be realistic when choosing and check more characteristics at www.elephant-cnc.com before making a decision.

7. Zowaysoon 50X65CM 7W Desktop Mini Laser Engraver

Our next suggestion is this mini laser engraver that can also serve companies. With it, you will have great access to the desktop, but the power is questionable. So, it’s not bad, it’s just smaller compared to some previous models. However, the manufacturer has clearly indicated which materials you can work with, which means that there are no unpleasant surprises. If you check before the purchase if it is compatible with the materials you would work with, there will be no problem. The compact design can easily compensate for some other shortcomings.

8 Best Laser Cutter Engraving Machines for DIY Projects 3
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8. 5500mW DIY Laser Engraving Machine Laser Engraver Laser Cutter

In the end, we have an unusual design. So the machine has no 3 axes but X and Y. This way you will be able to engrave only on the surface. However, you only need to think in advance about the necessary tools or needs of the project. That way, you will surely avoid disappointment and understand what you need. The software is very simple and easy to download, and the precision is fantastic.


So before you rush with your purchase, think about a few things and consider our list above. Remember that you need an accurate and reliable machine that will not cost a fortune. We hope we have helped you with our honest advice and opinion.