7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table – 2024 Guide

No matter how many times a day you try to arrange a coffee table, it becomes a mess in just a few minutes. As we scroll through Instagram and look at all those perfectly styled tables decorated with fashion books or magazines, designer candles, or flower arrangements, we often wish for one of our own. Since the coffee table is primarily a functional item, it is necessary to establish a balance between a functional and striking coffee table. Today we will show you how to make a coffee table not only functional but also a decorative center of your living room, by adding some flowers to it.

Why flowers?

Fragrant, with wonderful colors, gentle and delicate, flowers will provide an impression of elegance and luxury to the living room. Let it be freshly picked and the color contrasting with other decorations.

A little greenery and color on the coffee table will make an instant difference. An interesting flower arrangement or a small plant in a beautiful flowerpot, like found on flowershop.net.au is one of the best ways to decorate a coffee table. What you need to pay attention to when decorating this way is that the flowers or arrangements are not positioned too high, not to disturb the view of the TV or the person sitting across from you.

So, here is the list of the best flowers to use for your living room table.

1. Peonies

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 1
Source: potterybarn.com

Peonies come in different colors. Salmon-colored peonies paired with a black glass vase will look very chic at night. These flowers are very popular during the summer months because they bloom all season. If you can’t find peonies of this shade, then light pink or white ones will look just as impressive. Its flowers are usually very large and ideal both when cut short in a small vase, or long.

As each flower carries certain symbolism and value, you can choose the flowers accordingly. Peonies are known for representing values such as:

  • honor, especially for people who bring honor to their whole family through success
  • wealth
  • romance and romantic love with special emphasis on love between two strangers
  • beauty in all its forms

2. Pink roses

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 2
Source: thelist.com

Or better known as “Pink Floyd Roses” surely stand out in any room. A flower arrangement made of these miniature pink roses in a transparent vase or wrapped in green leaves will definitely be a topic of conversation at any event in your home, as it is so vibrant and breathtaking.

Roses are generally seen as the flowers of love. Roses of this color are used to convey tender emotions such as admiration, joy, and gratitude. The flowers of light pink roses indicate sweetness and innocence. The stronger the color of the pink rose will convey gratitude. Pink roses also show elegance and grace.

3. Tulips

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 3
Source: freepik.com

Tulips look astonishing when arranged individually or in a bouquet. Arrange the tulips individually in cylindrical tall glasses to get the best expression. This floral treat is ideal for tables that are always “crowded” with things.

A tulip symbolizes the perfection of love.

4. White roses

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 4
Source: etsy.com

One of the favorite and the most common flower arrangements is the small bouquet with white roses, and nothing else. It simply radiates elegance.

White is the color of purity, innocence, and spirituality.

5. Hydrangeas

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 5
Source: hgtv.com

Very popular as cut flowers and as garden plants because of their large, beautiful flowers. The large flowers look like pompoms growing on a bush that can be as tall as a tree. They come in a variety of different colors and shapes.

Lay a bouquet of white ones in a clear glass vase and combine with white Tibetan rose to create a stunning table arrangement, ideal for summer.

The symbolism of these flowers varies drastically between cultures. In Asia, it is associated with heartfelt feelings, understanding, and apology. However, it can symbolize unity and togetherness.

6. Orchids

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 6
Source: almanac.com

One of the flower plants that be bread in your living room, not necessarily on the window, if you have enough light. Since direct light is something that harms them, a table can come as an ideal place for the orchids to grow. Moreover, every part of this exotic flower plant is decorative – the root, the leaves, and the flower.

The best effect is achieved if you place the plant in a see-through flower pot, as it makes the whole thing visible. Of course, they do not have to be planted, if you prefer cut flowers, orchids are known to have quite an endurance.

It is the plant of happiness and love.

7. Jasmine

7 Best Flowers for Your Living Room Table - 2024 Guide 7
Source: teaforte.com

If you want your living room to be full of fresh flower scent, then place a pot of jasmine on your table. Great scent, but this flower wants a lot of light. This factor needs to be taken into account.

It’s a symbol of purity.

How to choose the right flowers?

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Round-shaped plants are the most desirable because according to the symbolism, life energy moves in cycles, which are marked by circles.
  • Avoid artificial flowers, as they emit negative energy. In case you have some, make sure you remove all the plastic flowers that you have in the house.
  • For the flowers to last as much as possible, just make sure you keep them fresh and for the best flow of energy in the middle of the table.
  • The only “dead flower” exception is lavender, which can be kept dried. Lavender symbolizes peace and relaxation and creates harmony among the family.

Flowers are a very important item when decorating a living room. It provides liveliness, peace, and comfort, which cannot be said for any piece of decoration. It can be kept in a pot or in a vase. Whichever you decide. When placed in your living room, you will notice the difference immediately.

Each season brings some kind of flowers typical for it, therefore, they are an endless potential for creativity. Some can even act as purifiers.

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