Best Adult Toys You Should Try In 2024

If you want to give yourself the gift of self-love, a sex toy may just be your best bet. Whether you want to buy a toy that can be used with a partner or solo, you’ll probably find a solid option on The Dildo Hub. For cost-effective sex toys, fast delivery, and a whopping 5000+ toys to choose from, this company is a one-stop pleasure shop. Oftentimes, the site even features some serious deals and sales on vibrators, butt plugs, sex furniture, lube, and more.

1. Double penetration dildo

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Double dildos are unlike any other dildo on the adult market. They’re designed for double penetration in one form or another. And what makes these double dildos different is that they comprise two ends that can be used. Some models can be used for double penetration between partners, while some can be used for double penetration on yourself. This means there are a couple of different designs of double dildos, but the end result is still the same.

Double dildos are unique, so choosing the right one will be a very different experience than selecting another type of dildo. A double dildo for use with a partner – these are designed as sex toys for couples and are intended for simultaneous penetration. This can be female to female, male to female, or even male to male. With such a brilliantly performing sex toy, it’s a two-way experience between partners so it can bring them closer together, rather than each person receiving singular stimulation while the other sits out the experience.

2. Large vibrating dildo

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Are you on the lookout for a large vibrating dildo? We understand that not all top-rated dildos are as good as they are described, which is why finding the right dildo for you could be difficult. Whether you need a dildo for external stimulation or penetration, we got your kink goals covered. Finding the perfect large vibrating dildo will improve your masturbation experience and give you a whole new incredible sex experience.

A large vibrating dildo is a unisex lust toy that essentially makes you moan hella good — in a hella good vibrating way. They’re shaped like real cock, but are so much better due to their vibrating features. Vibrating dildos are a must-have pleasure tool for sex starters and pleasure veterans. Your titillating zones are chock-full of sensitive nerve endings, more than 10000 to be exact, that feel exhilarating when stimulated. Shopping together gives you and your partner a chance to get as excited as you are by all the endless possibilities.

3. Vibrating cock ring

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Masturbation for penis owners can often seem one-dimensional, while women’s sex toy lines are known for being robust and filled with versatile options. But the truth is, men have plenty of options to opt-in and boost their own toe-curling sensations and amplify their pleasure during masturbation, from cock rings to strokers to Fleshlights and beyond. Plus, some of these sex toys will give you priceless orgasms and juicy finales.

Vibrating cock rings are one of the easiest and most fun ways to spice things up in the bedroom. If you’ve used one before, chances are you said to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”. But if you’re a sexual aspirant to vibrating cock rings or pleasure toys in general, it can seem a little intimidating to try at first. If you aren’t sure you want to embrace the vibrating cock ring (in more ways than one), there’s no need to worry.

Vibrating cock rings fit snugly around the base of the penis, keeping it hard. There are vibrating cock rings, rings with attachments for hands-free stimulation of a partner’s clitoris during penetration, and even rings designed to be paired with a prostate massager for extra stimulation. A vibrating cock ring is a hands-free accessory that usually goes around the base of a penis and restricts the blood flow to delay ejaculation. Vibrating cock rings are also known for making erections ever bigger and increasing the sensations felt during sex.

4. Fantasy dildo

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Are you tired of using regular dildos? Well, we know we are. Since our first experience with fantasy dildos, our loyalty has been changing, and we can’t see ourselves jumping ship anytime soon. And though variety is the spice of life, fantasy dildos provide a new level of self-pleasuring that you can’t find with regular realistic dildos. The heavily-textured, veiny, and otherworldly-looking shafts offer a fascinating new balance to enhance your experience and intimate sensations.

A fantasy dildo is a unique pleasure product made to depict mystical and fantasy creatures. Plus, they totally make up for GoT’s disappointing finale. Whether land, sea or mythological animals, fantasy dildos are designed to realize your ideal fantasy world. These dildos may be larger and feature numerous textures that you wouldn’t usually find in conventional realistic dildos. Most importantly, every fantasy dildo has its own personality, including mythical creatures like dragon, alien, tentacle, werewolf, centaur, Kraken, and octopus, which fantasy dildo creators stretch their imagination to develop different designs.

5. Squirting dildo

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A squirting dildo is the ultimate realistic sex toy. Not only does it look like the real thing, but it also functions like one. You probably have a good idea about what a squirting dildo is already. As the name suggests, the toy can “ejaculate” when you decide to head towards the finish. Usually, a bulb is included in the dildo and it has to be pressed for the fluid to get released. Some squirting dildos operate in other ways and we’ll explore those, as well.

Squirting dildos are surprisingly versatile! You can find them in a more realistic dildo style with veins and balls, or you can purchase one in other colors if that is your style. Some can also be used as a strap-on dildo and be worn in a harness. They also come with flared bases, often in the shape of testicles, which makes them suitable for salacious backdoor play. Other squirting dildos and ejaculating dildos come with a suction cup base, allowing for hands-free pleasure, and adding to the realism of the experience.