What Does Animal Cookies Strain Smell Like – 2024 Guide

What Does Animal Cookies Strain Smell Like - 2024 Guide 1
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Are you looking for the ultimate guide to the Animal Cookies strain? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you what this strain smells like and how it can be used in 2024. Ready to get your nose deep into the rich aroma and flavor of Animal Cookies? Let’s dive in!

History of Animal Cookies Strain

The Animal Cookies strain is a popular hybrid marijuana strain made from a combination of two flavorful parent strains: the hybrid parents GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) and Fire OG. The result is a potent smell and flavor profile that has been popular in the cannabis community since 2013.

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 25% Sativa and 75% Indica. It offers a strong, buttery flavor profile with sweet bubblegum undertones. The smooth smoke of Animal Cookies has long-lasting effects which may include feelings of tranquility, creative energy, and focused relaxation.

Characteristics of Animal Cookies Strain

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This type of strain has a pungent and sweet aroma, with notes of musky peppermint and cinnamon. Some argue that there is a faint undertone of nuts or hazelnut that comes through when smoking as well. It has a gassy smell when grown in an outdoor environment.

The buds are tightly packed and often have an attractive pinkish-purple hue throughout the flower. Despite being dense, the buds are still fluffy, allowing for ease of shredding for both smokers and growers alike. Its bright orange pistils stand out against its dark green and hints of lavender leaves, adding to its vibrant appearance.

When it comes to taste, it is known for delivering a woodsy flavor with light minty notes. Its smooth taste adds complexity to the smoking experience without being overwhelming or harsh on the throat.

Animal Cookies’ effects are felt quickly after inhaling, providing users with a deep body stone without feeling overly sedative or couch-locked effect; this makes this strain an excellent companion for creative activities that don’t require users to be extremely active or alerts such as drawing and painting or binge watching shows on Netflix.

This strain can also be beneficial in aiding users with mild pain relief throughout the day when taken in smaller doses depending on tolerance level.

Aroma Profile of Animal Cookies Strain

This type of cannabis strain has a recognizable aroma with several distinct scents that can be enjoyed.

It has a sweet, vanilla-like aroma mixed with musky, earthy notes and hints of spice. Its terpene profile is made up of caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, myrcene and pinene. While the smell may remind some users of ripe fruits and flowers when consumed, it will still remind others of sugary confectionery.

It stays true to its name when tasted; it is sweet with subtle earthy tones on the exhale that offer a unique flavor profile.

Flavor Profile

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The flavor profile of this kind of strain is surprisingly varied, with notes of grapes and tangy spices as well as hints of nutmeg and herbs. It has an earthy aroma with fruity undertones, making it an enjoyable smoke for users who appreciate flavorful cannabis flowers.

Despite its name, the flavor from this strain is far from that of a freshly baked cookie — rather, it resembles the aroma of an interesting combination of herbs and spices on the nose.

Smokers can expect a sweet, skunky smoke with notes of citrus and spice that give way to more exhale-filling tastes like grapes and sweet red fruit. Animal Cookies is said to be a great choice for those who prefer cannabis strains with milder effects because it’s usually less potent than other varieties.

Regardless of its strength, the spicy-sweet flavors and aromas make this strain one that many enjoy regardless of what they’re looking for in their marijuana high.

Effects of Animal Cookies Strain

The effects of this type of strain can be described as uplifted, relaxed, and happy. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain typically has an even distribution of effects, with some users reporting a slightly more balanced high.

Due to its strong Indica genetics, Animal Cookies may provide some soothing and calming sensations throughout the body while keeping the user mentally alert. Uplifting properties can also make Animal Cookies useful for combating fatigue and stress that lead to feelings of mental dullness or depression. In some cases, a quick burst of creative energy may be possible when using this strain in smaller doses. As is typical with any cannabis product, its effect depends on the individual’s tolerance level and metabolism.

Growing Animal Cookies Strain

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If you’re thinking about growing the Animal Cookies strain, you can expect an average of 8 to 9 weeks from seed to harvest time. The majority of the marijuana plants will be Indica-dominant, providing an optimal flowering time for indoor grows. Animal Cookies strain yields between 400 and 600 grams per square meter.

The main aroma of this strain is a sweet and earthy smell that is accompanied by hints of pine and spice. Its buds are bright green with orange hairs, giving it a colorful appearance that is sure to capture any grower’s eye. The smell alone will tell you why this plant is so popular amongst cannabis users — it smells so good!

It is also known for its strong psychoactive effects that come shortly after smoking it. It has a sedative effect, making it perfect for users who are looking to relax in the evening or wind down at night, light up a joint or two of some Animal Cookies and get ready for relaxation.


At the end of the day, everyone’s experience with cannabis is different, and no two noses are exactly alike. The aroma of Animal Cookies strain is complex and often inspired by sweet, earthy notes that tend to be nostalgic. Consumers typically describe it as a mix of earthy, sweet cherries, dank pine, and skunky funk.

Regardless of one’s personal preference in strains that they choose to consume, Animal Cookies can be a fantastic way to add some variation into an individual’s routine.