8 Best Packaging Boxes for Ecommerce Shipping 2024

The packaging of a product is directly related to the brand image of your company. E-Commerce packaging is more important than we think because it is the first impression and can cost you valuable business from a customer. One might think that packaging only consists of an outer covering that is meant to protect the product.

However, things are more complex than that. Packaging should provide an entire unboxing experience which makes a customer excited for the delivery just made. Good packaging raises expectations which are then fulfilled when the product is delivered in a good condition.

The wrong packaging containers work negatively and do nothing to add to the brand image. In this article, we will be listing the best packaging boxes used in e-commerce shipping. All of them have their own sets of advantages that need to be looked at closely.

1. Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are the most common type of e-commerce packaging used today. These are the most common type of cardboard containers used for the storage of a variety of products. They are preferred by multiple companies simply because of their durability and versatility.

They can hold a lot of weight and can take external impacts because of the reliability of the corrugated material. They can cushion some of the impacts of a blow and can easily keep all the products safe during a shipping journey. Corrugated containers are of two types that include regular cardboard containers and specialty containers.

2. Auto Locking Bottom

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These containers are classified according to their bottom design which includes interlocking sides. The cardboard is cut in such a way that assembly is made easy with auto-locking. Therefore hold the weight of different products even if they fall on the heavier side. As an E-Commerce business, this option will reduce the cost of using adasis material to seal the package.

In case of a time crunch, these containers work well to complete the process quickly and efficiently. The cost management with auto-locking bottom boxes is somewhat complex. They cost more than corrugated containers but do not require as much labor time so you will save up on that.

3. Full Overlap

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A full overlap box is a type of corrugated package which takes the design of regular slotted containers to the next level. The only difference is that in the opening. A full overlap box has the top most side covering the entire opening. CustomBoxEz is best for branding on Custom rigid folding boxes.

It has two parallel flaps of the same size. Both of them cover the top of the box entirely and keep the products well-protected. It is better suited for heavier items or products that need some extra care. Using adhesive tape will still be essential but it is better than other alternatives.

4. Roll End Lock Front or RELF

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Source: newprint.ca

If you have seen pizza boxes when you know what we are talking about in this category. These types of packaging containers have small flaps that lock into the side of the package. These containers have a slightly longer top layer which is folded to the front side. The side flaps then go into the adjacent sides to complete the locking mechanism.

These packaging options require minimal adhesive sealing. They can be widely chosen for your company because of their customizable printing options. Digital designs are very popular in these packs. If one wants to go with attractive packaging containers for E-Commerce shipping, these might be the right ones.

5. Roll End Tuck Top or RETT

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This is a packaging box that resembles a cake container. While a cake box has a better interlocking mechanism, this shipping package has two additional slaps which are tucked into the side of the container. The defining feature of this pack is a flat that can be tucked inside.

It can function well with just one slap in the front but the side flaps offer extra protection. They offer better locking but will require the use of proper taping. It usually is used for lighter items that have fewer chances of getting damaged in transit.

6. Regular Slotted Containers or RSC

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Source: abbe.com.au

Regular slotted containers are the most commonly available corrugated containers. They are available in different sizes and hence have the capacity of including multiple products. If your E-Commerce business is based on standard sizes, then this choice will work well.

It is economically feasible and good for a business that is just starting out. The defining feature of these boxes is the parallel slots that are both of equal sizes. These equally-sized parallel sides meet in the middle of the package and can be sealed accordingly.

7. Roll End Corrugated Boxes

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Source: alibaba.com

Role end packaging boxes corrugated cardboard as the base material. These packages use cardboard flowers that go into the side as a means of fastening. They still require a ceiling with tape but offer a better locking mechanism than open flap boxes.

These boxes can be durable and are easy to reuse. Additionally, they do not have a lot of overlap and do not waste material. If your E-Commerce company wants to make sustainable choices then this packaging method is ideal for being eco-friendly.

8. Paperboard Boxes

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So far we have been mentioning corrugated cardboard because it is the most sturdy material available in the packaging industry. Another environmentally conscious choice is paperboard which you will see in takeaway containers. They are typically thinner than corrugated containers but can be chosen with different thicknesses depending on the product which is to be shipped. They are used for the delivery of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics along with gift packages.

The Takeaway

All of the options mentioned in this article are eco-friendly and can be used for different E-Commerce packaging purposes. Choosing the right packages according to the packages being shipped is important. Printing customizable designs on the outlay are good for branding. Digital printing of logos and other images is available across different packages inboxes.