How to Clean Espresso Machine With Vinegar – Step by Step

If you want that your espresso machine keeps working for a long time then its regular cleanliness is essential. The mineral deposits of your coffee and impurities in the water collect inside the machine and can affect the taste of your next cup and it can also damage your health. So, it is a wise choice to be trained about how to clean espresso machine with vinegar and technical aspects to clean espresso regularly.

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You can smartly clean out your home espresso machine with vinegar. It is an inexpensive and simple way to ensure a cup of coffee with the same refreshing flavor.

Steps to clean an Espresso Machine with Vinegar

cleaning espresso machine with vinegar
  • You just need an equal amount of standard distilled white vinegar and water, fill up a reservoir of the coffee maker with this mixture as you are going to make about four cups of coffee. There would be no coffee at all; it will be a mixture of vinegar and water that will go through the machine for cleaning purposes.
  • Put the lid back on and start its brewing process with regular heat and let it take the necessary time.
  • Never detach the different parts of espresso while cleaning it. Leave the machine in a fully operational condition. Suppose, if you want to use your filter and other parts then you need to put that all together so the cleaning mixture can function on all the different pieces of the machine including pot.
  • When this mixture revolves in the machine, you will observe with the time that water is changing its color into the dark; this is simply because of coffee buildup in the base of the machine.
  • Take out the vinegar mixture and keep the espresso machine running with only water and change the water several times. This activity will flush out all residues of vinegar and other impurities. Continue changing water until the foul smell of boiling vinegar fades away.
  • Dry the machine thoroughly by hand. Where we discussed how to clean an espresso machine with vinegar from the inside, here you can also use the vinegar blend to clean the exterior of the machine, simply sprinkle the mixture with a spraying bottle and wipe it through a washcloth or any other soft fabric.