7 Best Hard Drives For Video Editing 2024

We know that filmmaking is a lucrative career. But it is impossible to work smoothly in the absence of the right tools. Owning a decent hard drive is crucial for preparing and storing media content conveniently for years.

If you have come to this page looking for a suitable compact hard drive that provides quick data transmission speeds and resistance to water, you are at the right place. Let’s peek at the top hard drives for working on videotapes.

1. SanDisk Professional Armor-ATD Portable HDD

7 Best Hard Drives For Video Editing 2024 1
Source: bestbuy.com

This G-drive is a cost-friendly and useful extension of an editor’s tool sack since it has everything one needs to carry out the work smoothly. Just like its counterpart Lacie Rugged, SanDisk Pro is also resistant to liquid and shocks, making it a fantastic compact device for working on videos.

It provides a space of 4TB and weighs 349g while offering a speed of 130mbps. It supports Windows and macOS platforms, but running it on a Windows laptop requires reformatting during the initial stages. It suggests when connected to a PC, one may face issues, but that is not as tiresome as it seems. Following the guidelines properly will aid you in getting the job finished smoothly.

2. Lacie Rugged USB-C 4TB Portable Hard Drive

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Source: digitaltrends.com

If you are working in filmmaking, this compact device designed by Lacie Rugged is the perfect option for you, and we have several reasons to support our claim. This device is the first choice among filmmakers and editors due to its massive space, quick repository speed, and high durability. Such factors are of utmost importance in a compact hard drive to make filmmaking less tedious.

This device is an excellent extension to an editor’s bag as it weighs merely 342g, is inexpensive, liquid-resistant, and shockproof. You may guard it with a password to ensure your sensitive data always remains safe from hackers. Besides offering 4TB size and 130mbps speed, it also supports Windows and macOS platforms.

3. Samsung T5 2TB Portable SSD

Another fantastic hard drive on our list for content editing is T5 2TB model by Samsung. It offers an amazing repository pace of 540mbps when dealing with premium-quality pictures. Since it lets the users operate with minimum issues, it is perfect for creating short films, clip compilations, montages, and working on videos.

Thus, it lets you save your favorite media content conveniently and without any worries. It is the finest compact device on our list as it weighs merely 52g, making it a perfect fit for a coin purse! Besides the above aspects, it provides a repository size of 2TB, is shockproof, password-preserved, weightless, and lets you do everything you want at a nominal cost!

4. SanDisk Extreme Pro 2TB Portable SDD

Extreme Pro is a compact SDD by SanDisk, suitable for content editors requiring an additional repository capacity of 2TB for massive data and the ability to edit quickly on the drive. One may use it to future-proof the data for years besides enjoying other perks.

The equipment offers editors an amazing repository speed of 1000mbps for editing 4k videos smoothly. If your work demands frequent traveling, this is the perfect option as it is merely 50g, and can be attached to a travel kit. Although this pick is costly compared to the rest of the compact HDDs on our checklist, it is worth every penny.

Besides the advantages mentioned before, this device is dust resistant, waterproof, has a five-year warranty, and features password protection. However, since it comes with a short cable, you might face issues while connecting it to a PC.

5. Seagate 1TB One Touch External Portable SSD

7 Best Hard Drives For Video Editing 2024 3
Source: techadvisor.com

If you think SanDisk delivers the finest repository speed among the hard drives on this checklist, you are wrong. This compact SSD by Seagate provides a pace that different widgets can only imagine! Besides, this device also offers SSD users a 1TB repository capacity.

Although the device is not waterproof or dustproof, it is weightless, weighing merely 45g. So, it is an optimal fit for content editors searching for a device they can carry wherever they go. It can be connected to Windows, macOS, and even Android for sharing data from smartphones.

6. G-Technology 1TB G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD

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Source: premiumbeat.com

Using a Thunderbolt 3 connection, this portable G-drive by G-Technology offers the users a data transfer of up to 2800mbps. It means that with this SSD, you can multi-stream 4K as well as 8K videos without lags. It weighs 204g and provides a limited warranty of five years to the users.

The device is suitable for both Mac and Windows. Although it is not resistant to water, it can bear a 3-meter drop and gives protection from a 1000lb crush. So, the users don’t need to be distressed about it getting run over by a vehicle, offering them peace of mind!

7. Toshiba Canvio Flex 4TB USB-C Portable HDD

7 Best Hard Drives For Video Editing 2024 5
Source: ubuy.vn

In case you edit videos on a limited budget, this will be the ideal pick for you. Besides being highly affordable, it delivers a repository size ranging from 1TB to 4TB to the users, thus weighing between 150g to 210g.

Another reason to invest in this portable HDD by Toshiba is its impressive data transport speed of 150mbps. Although filmmakers won’t find it as lucrative, it is the perfect device one can get at such a reasonable rate! It has a three-year warranty and aluminum plating weatherproofing to withstand extreme weather ‌without problems.

This item is perfect for short clips. So, if you plan to store tons of data in it, we suggest going for a costly option. Please visit comparisonarena.com to compare the best before buying.

Final Thoughts

In video editing, the transmission speed and repository size of a hard drive play a vital role. So, one has to pick a device that supports the volume and nature of the content you are working on because not doing so will put your work at risk.

We expect this guide aids you in finding the perfect hard drive you are searching for to sustain your work.